With over 35 years of experience in the agency field, Bluewave Maritime Agency, Inc. possesses a wide array of highly professional and exceptional maritime services. BMA, Inc. was founded in Los Angeles/Long Beach, California in 2003. Our company continues experiencing vast growth by representing some of the most highly valued names in the maritime industry and attending to all needs of clients with dedication, knowledge and positive demeanor.

BMA, Inc. was born from experiences accumulated over several decades in the maritime industry. The vision of BMA, Inc. grew with its founders and it continues to expand its business across the United States by representing some of the most well-known companies in the industry. The reputation and business ethics that BMA Inc. vows to uphold have built the professional apparatus on which it continues to successfully conduct its business today. There is no limit... No limit to the potential growth that BMA Inc.. will continue to experience as it seeks to extend its reach to fulfilling its clients' visions.

We are comprised of a professional team that offers individual attention, a progressive attitude and ability to cater to all of your maritime services and needs.

BMA, Inc. invites you to explore the range of services offered and will be readily present to address any questions or concerns at a moment's notice.

- BMA Team



Container Ship Vessels
Bulk Ship Vessels
Bulk Carrier Vessels
Heavy Lift Vessels
Passenger Vessels
Project Vessels
Car Carrier Vessels
Gas Carrier Vessels
Tramp Vessels
Tugs, Barges and Salvage Vessels


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Husbandry Agency Services (HAS) & Owners' Protective Agency (OPA)

Quite often, vessels calling ports require more services than just general port services. Bluewave Maritime Agency, Inc. offers in-house Husbandry Agency Services to meet the needs of owners of vessels while their ships call the ports we serve. With a wide range of husbandry services offered, owners can rest assured that their ship, crew and business are in great hands. We are very experienced in dealing with the entire spectrum of owners matters, whatever it may entail. The guarantee of excellent representation continues to be among our top priorities with our principals. Owners have peace of mind knowing that any challenge which suddenly arises while in port will be met by our professional personnel with outstanding satisfactory results.



  • Tankers

  • Bulk carriers

  • Container vessels

  • Passenger vessels

  • Tramp vessels

  • Heavy Lift

  • Project vessels

  • Gas Carriers

  • Tugs, Barges and Salvage

  • U.S. Customs Entry & Clearance

  • Cash to Master (CTM)

  • ENOA

  • Cargo Solicitation 

  • Vessels Managers

  • Cargo Transhipment 

  • Stevedoring Oversight

  • Loading and Discharge

  • Owners' Protective Agency

  • Intermodal Management

  • Disbursements

  • Automatic brokerage payments

  • Computerized Documentation

  • Dry Docks

  • AMS Filing/Reporting

  • Equipment Control

  • Ship Spares

  • Clearance and Delivery to vessel

  • USCG Inspections: T.V.E / C.O.C

  • Dock Arrangements:

  • Pilots

  • Tugs

  • Line Handlers

  • Hold Cleaning

  • Berth

  • Bunkering

  • Lubes

  • Waste Disposal

  • Water

  • Stores

  • U.S. CBP & Agriculture

  • Crew Changes

  • Crew Welfare

  • Certifications

Which ever type of vessel you operate, whether on a fixed or tramp schedule anywhere along the U.S. West Coast, Bluewave Maritime Agency, Inc. has the ability to provide your company full agency representation. You can expect prompt vessel updates, cargo availability and terminal condition reports from each of our offices.

  • World wide destinations

  • Assembly

  • Import/Export Cargo

  • Shipment from Sea to Air, or Air to Sea

  • Warehousing

  • Packaging

  • Credit Documentation

  • Consultation

  • IATA Agent

  • Inland Transportation

  • Coverage Services for Losses/Damage



  • World Wide Destinations

  • Import/Export Services for Cargo

  • Consolidations

  • FCL & LCL Shipments

  • Oversized Cargo Shipments

  • Breakbulk Cargo Shipments

  • Assembly

  • Container Loaded & Unloading Services

  • Container Stuffing & Un-stuffing Services

  • Warehousing

  • Packing

  • Project Cargo Handling

Container Ship

Bluewave Maritime Agency, Inc. acts as a reputable Customs Broker Agent. We comply with laws and procedures of U.S. government agencies such as U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Fish and Wild Life Services to clear cargo while maintaining a security standard to protect the United States. We handle all processes involves between government authorities and importers/exporters. Our U.S. Customs Brokerage Services include:

  • Clearing goods

  • Preparation of Documents

  • Electronic Submissions

  • Calculating and Payment of Taxes, Duties and Excises

  • Facilitating Communication between different parties

  • Securing Customs Bonds

  • Automated Broker Interface

  • Customs Classification

  • Automated Clearing House

  • Remote Location Filing

  • Import Entry Processing

  • Freight Insurance

  • Tracking of Shipments

  • Services for all kinds of cargo

  • Proximity to U.S. Government Agency Local Offices





Cargo Ship

Our agency provides in-house port transportation services for clients. Whether it is crew repatriation or crew welfare, our team can secure transportation needs that are cost-friendly and on time. We work closely with our principal's Crew Management departments to ensure accurate service and deliver satisfactory business-related transports. Our close communication with clients allows us to promptly deliver updates, news and resolve issues that may arise in this diverse service. We will ensure that crew members receive all of the proper documentation, clearance and transportation to successful depart/join a vessel under our representation. Our unbeatable rates and excellent service in crew transport helps our principals find all of their needs within our agency.




 CREW WELFARE (MEDICAL & DENTAL)                





Bluewave Maritime Agency, Inc. conducts business with some of the most highly known and respected names in the maritime industry. 

The notable reputation developed by BMA, Inc. correlates to the trust we have gained from previous clients in conducting business, building solid and honest connections with various individuals/entities and continuing to strive to uphold and better our reputation to serve future clients. Our professionalism and determination guarantees our associates the proper representation on behalf of owners and charters seeking a promising relationship with a trustworthy agency to represent their behalf. Our principals can rest assured that they will be accurately represented and protected while conducting business where we operate. Our alliances are numerous and continue to grow with as we grow.







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